Bangladesh: Revision and Alignment of National Action Program (NAP) with UNCCD 10-years Strategic Plan and Framework


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Bangladesh is signatory of the UNCCD and thus, obliged to implement Convention’s decision and to act at policy level as well as at field level. Simultaneously, there is reporting obligation about implementation of the Convention. Accordingly National Action Programme (NAP), a policy document was formulated in 2005 under the GEF funded project “Formulation of National Action Programme for Combating Desertification.”

As a follow-up action of NAP Bangladesh implemented “Capacity Building and Resource Mobilization for Sustainable Land Management (Eco-system Management) in Bangladesh” project during 2008-2011 period. We also submitted fourth National Report to the UNCCD Secretariat in May 2011.

In the context of slow and inconsistent implementation of the Convention around the globe, the eighth Conference of Parties (COP8) decided to develop a ten years strategic plan for implementation of the Convention. Following decision 3/COP 8, The secretariat of UNCCD formulated 10-Year Strategic plan (2008-2018) in order to escalate implementation of the Convention on the globe in a consistent manner. As a first step to support smooth implementation of the strategy, the Conference of Parties (COP) decided (decision 2/COP 9) to align NAP with the Strategy. The updated NAP will expedite implementation of the Convention in a more comprehensive and organized manner.